Design Consultation

Design Consultation meeting includes take place during daylight hours we do not need to see property at night in order to design an effective lighting

A Design Consultation meeting includes:

Opposite of popular belief all design meetings must take place during daylight hours and we do not need to see your property at night in order to design an effective landscape lighting system.

Meeting with property owners and decision makers (must be present) to discuss the general budget, desires, requirements, expectations, and scope of the lighting project. Meetings generally take between 1 -2 hours of time. So, please schedule a meeting time when we will not be rushed and all parties will have at least up to 2 hours on site.

All concerned parties will walk the project and specific lighting effects will be described and supported if needed with a pictorial review of past projects that are similar to what we propose.

Actual lighting equipment that will be used on your project will be available so you will be able to hold in your hand and inspect the design, durability, and quality of the products.

How you can prepare for a design consultation with Next Level Lighting – Landscape Lighting

In order to get the most out of our time together and have a successful meeting please do some pre-planning.

Have in mind a general budget for your project and share that with us. We will do our best to work within your budget. Please be flexible to adjust the budget if it becomes evident that you cannot achieve the desired scope or look you desire. In other words, it may become apparent that the number you had in mind will only cover the front and not the back or vice versa but not both together. This is not an uncommon scenario and most owners will move ahead now with the selected scope of work and plan for the balance to be completed at a later date when the budget permits.

If you have a certain look in mind, bookmark specific photos of our projects from the photo gallery of our website or other websites you may find appealing so we can get a better idea of exactly what you like. High-quality prints are also helpful.

What a Design Consultation is Not

1. A meeting for me to convince you or spouse that a landscape lighting system is a must have for your property. You should have come to that conclusion on your own beforehand and it is just a matter of who, what and when but not why.

2. A meeting to pick my brain for design ideas that can be shopped to other service providers or for work to be done yourself. If you are considering doing the job yourself or hiring a handyman or other non-specialized trade to do the work then please do not schedule a consultation.

3. An opportunity to receive a conceptual drawing of your proposed lighting scheme or a detailed proposal with breakouts of the cost of each individual product that can be put out to bid. We do not make drawings or sketches for the buyer to retain (Our artwork is displayed in your yard at night and not on a piece of paper). We provide lump sum quotations where our products are listed with quantity and general description of the scope of work and with a bottom line all inclusive cost.

Next Level Lighting is customer service driven company and all work is designed, installed & maintained by myself and my skilled team. Please understand our clients come first and we are in the field Mon-Friday from 7 am- 3 pm which leaves select early evenings and Saturday appointments generally reserved for meeting new prospective clients.

Please also note that if you are saying to yourself gee this guy has a lot of rules and I don’t like how they are presented here and I am turned off then it is a good indicator that we would probably not work well together.

On the other hand, if you are saying to yourself gee this guy is a straight shooter with no BS, is serious about giving me the best end result and I appreciate his honesty then I highly encourage you to follow through with me as I know we will work well together.

Please fill out our design questionnaire completely and to the best of your ability. Also, attach photos if you can. This will give us a valuable head start on conceptualizing your project before meeting with you. I very much look forward to meeting and working with you on your project.